Mobile Apps are Emphasizing Technology to be an inclusive Factor for the Elderly: Here’s More!

App developers who are not emphasizing the needs of the elderly are surely missing a huge chunk of potential customers.

Is it?

We all know that smartphones have become an enormous part of our lives and are always available at arm’s length. However, most of us don’t know that people aged 50+ are frequent smartphone and app users.

Senior citizens are no longer amateurs and love exploring mobile apps that add value to their daily lifestyle. For instance, long gone are the days when writing letters was the only mode of communication. Nowadays, social apps keep the elderly connected with their families in other parts of the world.

Be it teens or the elderly; everyone’s following a tech-savvy approach for communicating with others, entertainment, news, and much more! However, there are numerous challenges that are being faced due to changes in physical and cognitive abilities with age.

Therefore, keeping these factors in mind before mobile app development may mark a rise in its popularity and customer base.

But what are the challenges?

Don’t worry, as this article will walk you through everything you need to know! So, continue reading to learn more.

Digital Challenges Faced by Seniors for Smartphone Use

Aging is a lifecycle, and health issues are natural causes of the same! These issues are further categorized into three groups:

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss due to the age factor is called presbycusis and is common amongst adults above 65 years of age. Due to this condition, senior citizens may fail to hear app sounds like notifications, alarms, etc.

Visionary Changes

Declined vision or losing the same is common among older people, which makes consuming smartphone content challenging. For instance, small texts or distinguishing colors can become a major problem.

Coordination Issues

According to a survey, the mental representation of the elderly might make it difficult for them to watch out for the space around their bodies, leading to an uncoordinated hand-eye movement. For instance, tapping on the screen might become a time-taking activity.

Notably, if you have a flawless mHealth app idea, you must connect with the best healthcare app development company today!

Tips to Develop Mobile Apps for Senior Citizens

It is crucial for mobile app developers to design apps that complement the forthcoming health issues.

How can we tweak the experience for good, you ask?

Take a sneak peek!

1. Integration of Label Icons

Modern trends come and go; however, senior citizens might need some time to take hold of the same. Thus, there may arise situations when older people are unable to figure out the meaning of specific symbols.

Adding text labels in the form of phrases and words can eliminate the issue. It is also suggested to test the app icon size on real users before making the app live.

2. Appropriate Contrasts Between Text and Background

A recent app design trend demands little difference between the background and text color. The color combination of the two is called contrast, and it is highly important to consider the color scheme.

The aim behind using appropriate contrasts is to ensure that the app users do not face any issues while trying to read or consume content.

3. Eliminate Complicated Navigation

You must have heard professional developers talking about building an interactive and intriguing mobile app design. However, complications must not follow!

Notably, mobile apps should not incorporate complicated navigation like slide-out menus since it can be hard to use for inexperienced users.

Also, integrate a ‘back’ button for the users to easily navigate to the previous window if they’ve clicked on something by default.

4. Convenience of Reminders, Cues, Etc

Indeed, adding sounds, reminders, etc., to an app is a plus; however, the manner developers leverage these features leaves a huge impact on how an app functions for a senior user.

First and foremost, using sounds that are comfortable for the users to hear is important. Since every user has varied needs, letting them choose an appropriate sound and volume will be beneficial for the app.

Additionally, you may add post-notifications and reminders to keep your users hooked with your presence.

What’s more? Not emphasizing gestures will be one of the biggest mistakes since older people use the same finger gestures as young adults. However, the inclusion of complex gestures must be avoided, keeping it as simple as a tap or swipe.

5. Avoid Text Entry by Users

Entering a lot of text by the elderly can be difficult due to small keyboards. Therefore, if adding information to an app is a mandatory task, you can leverage voice assistants to make it easier for the users.

To Sum Up!

The fact is not hidden that human bodies go through a lot of changes as we grow older. While many people experience psychological changes, others suffer from physical health issues, as mentioned above. However, these bodily variations must not stop anyone from enjoying technology and its experiences.

The older generation of today uses a smartphone for making calls. How about offering them a wider experience via mobile apps that may add joy to their lives?

Do you agree?

If we are on the same page, then now is your chance to provide a flawless and applaud-worthy app that would also benefit you in the form of monetization.

To fulfil the objective, connect with a top mobile app development company in USA for more insights into your idea!

Happy innovation!




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Techugo is the known name in the app development field, and we are helping many businesses ranging from Fortune companies to promising entrepreneur ventures.

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