Even Universities Are Now Opting For VR — We’ve An Example In Calgary!

The present times have necessitated the use of wondrous virtual reality classrooms! Not only are such solutions immersive and interesting but they prove to be of immense help when it comes to learning.

Schools and even colleges have started to realise the importance of this technology. That is why such places are considering incorporating AR, VR, etc., in their curriculum.

The objective is to make classes and study sessions more engaging for students. This way, better learning outcomes can be ensured.

So, for this blog post, we will focus on the title and titular technology. Let us get going then!

The impressive example of a university in Calgary

The pandemic isn’t as brutal now as it was earlier and public spaces, offices, etc., are slowly opening up. But people are still nervous about returning to public places amid a surge in COVID-19 cases during the fourth wave.

And this nervousness and anxiety isn’t far-fetched or wrong. The fear settled in the minds of the populace isn’t baseless, after all.

Keeping such concerns in mind, one course at Mount Royal University has offered an innovative way of learning — virtual reality! Yes, you read that right — VR has been incorporated to help students stuffing in this university of Calgary.

This is a fourth-year psychology course created by Dr. Tony Chaston. It is called The Digital Frontier: Perception, AI and Virtual Learning. This is the first of its kind VR course in Canada. It will clearly set a path for others to follow. Because of this amazing and innovative option of using VR, spots started to fill really fast from September 14 onwards.

According to Dr. Chaston, this psychology course is going to be a lot about our interface with Artificial Intelligence. Most people are unaware of the fact that they use AI every day — Google, Facebook and other social media, they all involve AI!

This course allows students to be present and immerse in social interaction. It would dive deep into the nitty-gritty of virtual reality and then focus on Chaston’s research about using virtual reality nature scenes to decrease stress levels.

What are they such a trend these days?

It is considered unwise to discuss something without explicitly mentioning the related benefits. But don’t you worry, no one will conclude this discussion without giving a quick brief about the advantages.

There are a number of reasons why VR classrooms are becoming a standard favourite. So, without any more delay, let us learn about them!

  1. Such solutions take remote learning to a whole new level! Users this way can stand face-to-face with virtual environments and learn better from the acquired experience.
  2. Pre-Sim training help students immensely! This allows them to judiciously use their time in the lab by first rehearsing many times in a VR environment!
  3. VR-based classes ensure not only outstanding results with regards to learning outcomes but retention as well.
  4. They save time and money! Of course, there are initial expenses of installation, etc. But once done, such intelligent infrastructure goes on for a long period of time.
  5. In addition, AR/VR training provides environments suited for better learning in a virtual manner. This is far cheaper too. For instance, one doesn’t have to own such equipment, but can avail the services of places offering the same!
  6. For obvious reasons, we have to discuss the immersive bit. Such experiences are the highlight of the twin realities, be it AR or VR!

To bring the discussion to a conclusion

The importance of technologies cannot be side-lined in our routine lives. Not only have they offered great and convenient solutions but they have also assimilated really well with our daily schedules. In short, humans can’t go without technology even for an hour, let alone an entire day!

Virtual Reality is one of these fantastic tech solutions. It is proving to be of immense use and help in various sectors.

So, if you are thinking about building a similar solution or something along the same lines — then wait no more! Yes, DON’T! Because timing is everything. Right things done at the right time give the best results!

So, don’t wait up and connect with the field experts today. Reach out to them for their experience and fine advice. Then, go ahead and build your dream with the top app developers in Canada!

Happy innovating!!




Techugo is the known name in the app development field, and we are helping many businesses ranging from Fortune companies to promising entrepreneur ventures.

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Techugo is the known name in the app development field, and we are helping many businesses ranging from Fortune companies to promising entrepreneur ventures.

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