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Are you a musician?

Kudos to the hard work and dedication you put in to release a piece that is loved by the world!

You would understand the importance of a recorder whenever a tune hits your mind. Many a times, that brilliant beat slips off while trying to tape the same.


You might not have the appropriate mobile app, especially after Apple discontinued Music Memos. For the ones not familiar with the same, it was an application that enabled composers to instantly record whenever something struck their minds.

However, don’t get too upset BECAUSE a startup named Tape…

Do you also face a cash crunch when it’s the end of the month?

It probably happens with all of us! Imagine it’s the end of the month, and you come across a suit or a dress that you desperately want to buy. The only thing you can do is look at the price tag and move on!

Not fair, right?

Fortunately, London-based fintech recognized the situation and has now come up with a solution that would no more let you face a financial shortage.

You must be well familiar with the Revolut app, which stores your entire financial life…

Remaining strong physically and mentally is important, especially during the COVID-19 period. Undoubtedly, there’s a massive disruption in the overall healthcare system, and the resources are diverged towards treating patients suffering from the disease.

Surprisingly, according to research, the pandemic has adversely affected women’s health. The unexpected outbreak caused a severe impact on women of every age group, and there’s an increase in stress and anxiety levels.

Not only this, but women have not been able to go through their regular check-ups regarding menopause, fertility, pregnancy, and more.

Fortunately, London-based platform Peppy helped bridge the gap between women and specialists…

Remember those days when we got too excited to see the new smartphones or other products being released? We always wanted to upgrade our gadgets as soon as an improved version was made available.

However, after the pandemic turned our lives upside down, the only excitement we encounter is the situation getting normal and people moving outdoors. Since the pandemic arrived, everything from shopping to tourism went virtual quickly. Undoubtedly, it has also pushed new technologies into the market that were often overlooked.

Once, the mobile apps we didn’t like using or were lame have now become a crucial part…

How can you bring a customer-centric approach for your users?

Hmmm, there are many options to carry out this process, but not every road is as simple to reach its goal, as it seems. In such a tumultuous condition, you need to pick a strategy that really needs to serve the requirements of your users and fits your business model, without bringing a hole in your pocket.

Oops, did I touch the wrong chord?

Sorry if I did!

But it is the requirement of the hour, where you need a solution which is fit from every angle and doesn’t bring…

After the COVID-19 pandemic refrained moving outdoors, initially it created a buzz, and everybody had the same questions in their minds:

  • How will a business function?
  • Will there be a loss of education for the students?
  • What will become the source of income?

However, if we look at the situation right after a year, everything’s operating smoothly with the help of the digital approach.

One of the most important concerns was how students would continue their studies and learn? Well, pandemic might have locked us in, but it couldn’t lock our creativity.


Answering this is the exact…

Finding a perfect other half via dating applications is the new trend in the romance world and is here to stay for a while, looking at its rapidly increasing popularity. While there are numerous online dating apps that have gained tremendous fame, two sisters came up with another unique concept of a dating application.

So Synced is a London-based startup dating app that matches two profiles based on their personalities. Interestingly, the app recently closed a funding round post raising $1 million to grow in the US.

To enable people to find their soulmates conveniently, Louella and Jessica Alderson developed…

If you have a well-developed business and are a part of this rapidly growing competitive market, unfamiliarity with the latest tech and trends will not let you grow.

Are you wondering what does this mean? The fact is not hidden that until or unless businesses meet the dynamic needs of its customers, it won’t receive the returns it desires. Notably, customers get intrigued by the new trends, and as long as you’re working on the same, the ball is in your court.

One of the biggest reasons a consumer will opt for getting services from a business is security. …

Cloud-native app development is one hot topic of discussion whenever software development is mentioned. Undoubtedly, the new emerging tech is one of the topmost trends in the industry, and it has already brought a revolution to operating software products.

But what is cloud-native?

Keep reading to know more!

Cloud-native applications take full advantage of the Cloud Computing revolution. The reason behind cloud-native gaining massive popularity is accelerated deployment and the sharpness to modify according to the environment. Furthermore, these apps are a collection of microservices: each and every function in an application.

In simple words, the cloud is used to…

The concept of react native app development has brought ease to the developers due its hot reloading, code usability, Native UX feel, dynamic development among many other reasons. On the other hand, every business wants to access a friction-free, customizable checkout flow for their mobile app or web in minutes.

But is it easy to be achieved?

To make this possible, the Drop-in UI in React Native app comes into the picture, it enables developers to easily integrate payment systems within a mobile app or web effortlessly. However, with a React Native app this integration can be customized to give…


Techugo is the known name in the app development field, and we are helping many businesses ranging from Fortune companies to promising entrepreneur ventures.

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